satanique samba trio

Só Bad (cassette tape – november 2023)

An experiment on low fidelity sounds just like Mó Bad (2015) and Mais Bad (2019). Thirty fucking tracks. No joke.

Cursed Brazilian Beats Vol. 2 (7 inch vinyl - december 2022)

Pagode is a more commercial and palatable genre of Samba, rhythmically focused o the 4/4 time signature, rather than the traditional 2/4. PAGOTH is a whole different thing.

Mini Bad (digital compilation - september 2021)

A compilation of old works that never got into any previous record. Outtakes, b-sides and such.

Forrível (digital – october 2020)

Forró + Horror Synth = Forrór Synth. That’s a thing now. Our bad. Available at:

Mais Bad (10-inch vinyl, 45 rpm – september 2019)

Straight from Belgian presses (Rebel Up! Records), Mais Bad is a sequel to Mó Bad (2015). Just like the latter, its overall rusty sound is due to an alternative recording method: namely, all instruments have been recorded by the same cheap-ass cell phone. Call it a study on lo-fi textures, if you will (

Instant Karma (digital - february 2019)

Instant Karma is our planet's first liquid album - or so it seems. Meant to be played exclusively on Instagram Stories, it is comprised of twenty eight 15-seconds tracks that were only available for 24 hours each, as defined by Instagram rules. One song per day, a full album throughout the month of february, 2019. Never to be seen or heard again.

Xenossamba (double 7-inch vinyl, 33 rpm - 2017)

Waiting room music for punished souls.

Mó Bad (10-inch vinyl, 45 rpm - 2015)

After six albums of typical Brazilian horror, your favorite satanic samba ensemble is back, this time on a 10-inch vinyl semi-compilation. Mó Bad is comprised of twelve lo-fi tracks: six new and six previously released bagatelles. More specifically and less technically, twelve short unpretentious instrumental compositions that sound suspiciously aged. Even more specifically, It’s so exotic it’s not even funny.

Badtriptych (digital compilation - 2014)

A pigheaded compilation that collects the best moments from the putrefaction trilogy ( Bad Trip Simulator #2, Bad Trip Simulator #1 and Bad Trip Simulator #3, in case you haven't noticed) with four brand new tracks: "Cliches 04, 21 & 23" and the live versions of "Ana Lidia Resurrection", "Herpes Soul & Samba Zoster" and "banzo bonanza. Overall, you're getting 22 pieces of broken Brazilian dreams. Released exclusively in digital format by Far Out Recordings (UK). Don't miss it!

Bad Trip Simulator #3 (cd - 2013)

The third part from the infamous putrefaction trilogy. This time, hitting the metaphorical shores of the arid Brazilian Northeast. Rythms most of you guys never heard of going straight into the belly of the beast: baião, xote, forró, frevo,bumba-meu-boi, maracatu and stuff alike.

Bad Trip Simulator #1 (cd - 2011)

The second installment of the trilogy started by the infamous Bad Trip Simulator #2. This time, about 30 minutes of bad vibes.

Bad Trip Simulator #2 (cd - 2010)

Bad trip is a slang term for a psychedelic crisis, a disturbing experience sometimes associated with use of a psychedelic drug such as LSD, Salvinorin A, mescaline, psilocybin or DMT. The manifestations can range from feelings of vague anxiety and alienation to profoundly disturbing states of unrelieved terror, ultimate entrapment, or cosmic annihilation. Add some Samba to that and you will have the time of your life!

Sangrou (cd - 2007)

In order to understand what we have here, please try to picture a giant disembodied jaw chewing on the anthropomorphized bodies of recently dead brazilian traditional music styles you've never heard of ( from baiao to maracatu, from samba de partido alto to xote ) into an artistic paste of contemporary impact.

You can't pull it off, we know. Buy the damn record already!

Misantropicalia (cd - 2004)

This one unleashed so much hatred, we're actually glad it's out of stock. You'll find it somewhere in the internet but we sincerely don't recommend you go around looking for it.

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